About Yule Goat

The most famous Yule Goat in Sweden is located in the town of Gävle. This giant Goat is built in two days every year just before advent. The first goat was built in 1966, a 13-meter high goat in a square in Gävle for everybody to see.

On New Year’s Eve, the first goat was burnt, starting a history of destruction for the following Gävle Goats. Since then, around 45% of the goats built in Gävle have been destroyed, most of them burnt. For that reason, the Gävle Goat tradition stopped from 1970 to 1986. Since then, all kinds of measures have been taken to avoid the sabotage of the goat, including measures such as security cameras and fireproofed goats.

1966 The Yule Goat (Gävlebocken) history begins. On New Year’s night, about midnight the goat went up in smoke. The perpetrator was found and charged with aggravated criminal damage.
1967 The yule goat to remain untouched.
1968 The yule goat to remain untouched.
1969 The yule goat was burnt down on New Year’s Eve.
1970 The yule goat was burnt already six hours after posting. Two intoxicated youths were tied by deed. With the help of various donors the goat was set up, however again, this time made ​​of reeds.
1971 The merchants grew tired of burned trestles and laid off with bending operations. Faculty union at Vasaskolan took over instead. Their little buck was smashed.
1972 Fell buck up because of sabotage.
1973 the buck met an uncertain fate.
1974 The yule goat was burnt down.
1975 Yet an unclear fate.
1976 A hot rod drove down the yule goat.
1977 Unclear fate again.
1978 The goat was destroyed again.
1979 The yule goat was burnt before it was even erected. It was rebuilt and impregnated. However it was to be sabotaged and broken.
1980 Burnt down on Christmas Eve.
1981 Spared.
1982 Burnt down at Lucia.
1983 Shattered legs.
1984 Burned down the night of Lucia.
1985 12.5 meters high end mark in the Guinness World Records for the first time. Burnt in January.
1986 Retailers are taking up tick building again. From now on, it’s always two trestles. Merchants and Vasa School. The big buck was, however, burnt down the night of Christmas Eve.
1987 Well impregnated tick. Burnt down, however, the week before Christmas.
1988 Made it tick. Will selections in English odds lists.
1989 The yule goat burnt before it was even built. It was collected money from the public to the new trestle, which burnt down in January. In March 1990, a new buck was built.
1990 Was spared. This year a large number of volunteers guarded the goat.
1991 The yule goat was joined by an advertising sled, which turned out to be a black construction. Burnt down on the morning of Christmas Eve. Rebuilt to comply with the Stockholm campaign against the regiment (I 14) closure.
1992 Burnt after eight days. Even Vasa School trestle was burnt down the same night. Rebuilt, but burnt Dec. 20. Bock burner to all three goats were arrested.
1993 Buck reached the Guiness Book of World records. It was spared.
1994 Spared.
1995 Burnt down on Christmas morning. Rebuilt and erected for the city’s 550-year anniversary.
1996 Spared. Guarded for the first time by a webcam.
1997 Fared buck with limiting damage by rockets.
1998 Burnt on December 11, despite snowstorms. It was rebuilt.
1999 Burnt down a few hours after the frame erection. erected at Lucia again.
2000 Burnt down a few days before New Year.
2001 The day before Christmas, a 51 year-old American visiting Sweden burnt down the goat.
2003 The yule goat was burnt two nights before Lucia. A new trestle was there a week later and it was in one piece.
2004 The goat was burnt at. 03:00 on Tuesday, 21 December. The fire brigade were quickly on the scene, but unfortunately could not save the goat. All that was left of the goat on Tuesday morning was a swamp led. No new trestle was built.
2005 Gävle’s biggest celebrity, both in Sweden and abroad was burned down on December 3 PM. 21:08. The buck was burning so intensely that only after a few minutes it was just a charred skeleton. On 8 December a new version was erected.
2006 The goat passed a pyromaniac attack during the night of 15 December. Only a little singed on the right leg. Since the goat stood untouched.
2007 The buck was impregnated with the flame retardant and was not exposed to arsonists.
2008 The goat was not impregnated with flame-retardant, but the straw came without additives from Mackmyra whiskey production. The buck was on fire on 27 December.
2009 Burnt down in the night of December 22 and 23.
2010 Made it tick. A coup was revealed however, there were plans to kidnap the Gavle Goat to Stockholm with the help of a helicopter.
2011 During the night between 1 and 2 December, the goat was burn down.
2012 During the night of 12 and 13 December, the goat was burnt down.
2013 Webcam monitoring. During the night of 20 and 21 December the goat was burnt down.